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Sunday – 05 Jamadi ul Awwal 1424 – 15 Asadh 1925 – 06 July 2003 

it seems as if life is wonderful again. the beautiful rain. oh, the wonderful marvelous weather we had today. cloudy all day long and it rained during the morning. now it is breezy and cool. much better than the last few days.

well there is one thing. some straight people might find my blog slightly out of their league. well it sortof is as well. but i am not talking about things that might disgust anyone. also just in case you are a homophobe i can only tell you that i am a wonderful person. i have lots of friends and they like me a lot. actually. i can be one of your friends as well.

well i am still single and looking. it is hard to do that in a country like pakistan. with all the things that are taboo in our culture. sure there are men who have sexual relations with other men. but it isnt that easy. at least not for me.

another thing that is bothering me. there is this guy who knows that i am gay. i happen to know that he is also gay. but i am not at all interested in him. not at all. but he thinks that since we are both gay we should get together. now that is so sick. why am i supposed to comply. it is not like i am supposed to. it is not a thing that i am supposed to do. this is the second time this is happening to me. it is so strange.

how do you tell someone you are not into them. how do you tell someone that they arent as big a stud as they think they are. how do you tell someone to stop asking you for ‘sugar’. something that i have to learn to do. you dont want to hurt the other persons feelings. but you want to tell them to back off politely.

well i think ill go now. so till next time.