Thursday – 09 Jamadi ul Awwal 1424 – 19 Asadh 1925 – 10 July 2003

well we all have a sexy handsome cute guy in our neighbourhood. we know that he is str8. but we still like him quite a bit. sometimes we even think about him and us. well that has happened to me as well.

i went over to his house to just hang out. by the way he is a friend as well. when he opened the door he was in jeans. no shirt. some sortof cleansing creme or something on his face. which is very awkwards. because men in pakistan do not use beauty products. but well like i said. nice sight. well built body. better than i imagined.

two days in a row. this seems like i am on a roll. meeting or seeing someone sexy every day. now this is the kinda time that i like to spend.

saw this new program. malcolm in the middle. laughed like hell. it is actually a very nice comedy program. shows you how life would be with lots of children in a middle class family. also it is very well written and acted out. so it is really really funny. well i got to go now. ill keep you guys updated about what is going on.

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