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Friday – 10 Jamadi ul Awwal 1424 – 20 Asadh 1925 – 11 July 2003

if there are 10 people in a house then you should think that you should not get bored. but it isnt so. well here i am all alone. sitting on the net writing this. there are 9 people in the next room. well ok. they are either too old or too young. so i cant talk to any of em for long. this is what happens when there is an age difference. at times you really like someone but you cannot spend time with em. coz youd just sit together and be quiet for uncomfortably long intervals of time.

if you sit with the grown up. the moms and dads capacity. the 35- 50 years capacity. they tallk about things very different. you can sit with em. you can talk to em. half an hour. hour tops. then you run out of interest. they like talking to each other coz of the similar age things. but not with me. come on a man will get bored when people are discussing whether it is called a bowl or a terrine. you get what i mean. then you walk over to the youngsters. they are talking about stupid things. i mean really stupid. why is water transparent. now come on. in my ouwn thinkign i can think of many philosphical things. but with time. it wears out. you want to run.


so now you should spend enough time with em that you can enjoy. try to stretch it a bit but not after that. then jsut leave for a while. tell em you need to do something. go out. take a fresh breath. write a blog. and then go back. which reminds me i should start to head back now. see ya all later ;)