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Saturday – 11 Jamadi ul Awwal 1424 – 21 Asadh 1925 – 12 July 2003

i dont know why i do this. i dont know why i am so mean and insensitive. well i have a friend. he is a really nice guy. we dont agree on things. our views are very very different. he isnt that tolerant. he doesnt think well of people who have different views. if someone disagrees with him then that person is wrong and illiterate and uneducated and not capable of talking to.

well i liked him a lot. so i put up with it. never disagreed with him. never talked a lot with him. with him i just talked about sex and other things. by the way he doesnt know i am gay. well we got to be real good friends. i really like him. but he is a stubborn ass. basically. but still a good friend. well he used to think the same way. then one day we were talking about something. and i disagreed with his opinion. very stupid thing. about the status and position of military in pakistan. well we had a long discussion. got heated. only him. i was very calm. but after that things went down.

i never did anything to aggravate him after that. but i think that one discussion was enough for him. he pegged me as someone who doesnt belong with him. well that was that. we got busy. then i mailed him about the WMD thing on google. he mailed back and called me a bigot and other such names. i mailed him and told him he is an idiot. he mailed back within 5 mins and said a lot of things that he shouldnt have. i called him up and told him exactly what i thought he was and where he could go. things got ugly. he didnt say a word. he just put down the phone.

i only wish he would have said something then put down the phone. now he isnt talking to me. not returning my calls and stuff. not replying to my emails. this sux. good i hate doing this. i hate it when i push people over the edge. i tend to do this often. give my opinion and push someone over the edge. i hate it.