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Tuesday – 14 Jamadi ul Awwal 1424 – 24 Asadh 1925 – 15 July 2003 

since you guys dont know me so well i thought id tell you guys a little about myself. i am 22. from karachi pakistan. i am gay. very gay. completely gay. also i am a virgin. ok guys please close your mouths. those who jumped through the ceiling please climb down.

well i never foung the right guy. someone who would be cute and humorous and smart and well educated. maybe i was too afraid to try. i am afraid of being caught. gays in pakistan go through all forms of hell. well so that said. i am a virgin.

i have moved about a lot. karachi, islamabad and quetta. i have also been to the US and Saudi Arabia and lived there for a few months. i have finished my undergrad and i am looking for a job right now. i am about to start going to office in a few weeks because i think i might get a job this week.

i have fallen in love once. it was completely platonic. after i opened up completely to him. he dumped me. i have fallen out of love once. nothing like losing ones confidence in oneself.

i have had a one month long cyber relationship. he was an american from ohio. his nick on mirc was steve25usa. i fell for him. his favourite colour for clothing was green because it matched his eyes. suddenly he went extinct. no email. no irc. for one year. never met him since.

i lost my cyber virginity about two years ago. he was a latino from mexico. school teacher. (yeah i know :)!). well after we did it. he said bye. i told him he was my first. he said bye. he was the first pig i met. ive met many since. but they dont bother me so much now.

i love falling for people. i love having crushes on people. i usually have one or two crushes lying somewhere in my mind. helps me keep at it :).

although it is hard for most other humans but i like cyber relationships. maybe that is because i am too afraid to go for the real thing. well whatever. lets see where things lead me to. so for all of you. if there are any. who are reading this. you know where i am at on this issue.

thats about it for me for now. maybe ill keep telling you about all the other details later.


Tuesday – 14 Jamadi ul Awwal 1424 – 24 Asadh 1925 – 15 July 2003

with the complete lack of comments coming my way i am starting to think. is there someone reading this. is there someone sitting on a chair somewhere. or by a fountain somewhere. or on the grass somewhere. or on a plane somewhere. or on a ship somewhere. or on the sand somewhere. crazy enough to read what i write. who has such an utter lack of useful time that he or she would want to waste it reading this.

i wonder and i wonder and i wonder.

also i keep waiting for comments.