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Sunday – 20 Jamadi ul Awwal 1424 – 30 Asadh 1925 – 21 July 2003 

well life goes on. people meet people. people fuck up. people loose people. life moves on. that was the summary of the last two days of my life.

another overcast day, light rain, cool breeze and wonderful food. ahhhhhh. this is the life.

when i was outside walking aroud it started to rain. i remember actually saying ‘dont rain!’. and when the rain didnt stop despite my order i said even louder ‘dont you dare rain !’. after this i immediately realized that i need some serious psychiatric help and that i am a control freak. to the extent of trying to control rain.

after i came back home it was wild. i had to bicker and nag for 5 hours continuously. with my mom and my sisters. in case you are thinking. yes ! bickering and naggin does help. due to that i got the best room. YEY!. and i have settled down in it with all my stuff. it looks wonderful. it is clean. it is large. it is cool. and most importantly it is the best room in the house.

so i will be joining my new job from monday next week. i am going to be working in a newspaper. editorial section. YEY!. i am so so so happy. maybe i will meet someone there who will be perfect and fall completely in love with him. and he will fall in love with me. and we will sneak into the bathroom for some unchaste activities or other stuff that i better not describe here. or i will work like every other human being on this planet does and keep waiting for someone.

if you want to know what happens stay tuned.