Friday – 24 Jamadi ul Awwal 1424 – 03 Sravana 1925 – 25 July 2003 

well today was an interesting day.

firstly last night i met my soul mate friend. we became the my slut soul mates. we think exactly alike about all men. likes and dislikes. and T and I are complete sluts. we are the best of friends after last nights chat. it was wonderful. we have similar taste in men. movies. music. men. tv shows. languages. men. so you get my drift.

also the guy i told you about. A.A. i have actually fallen for him. we have used the words. i love you to each other. i dont know if it is fast or what. but i think we have crossed a few lines here. well whatever so i am taken now. no need to hit on me. also he told me i can have flings and one night stands as long as they dont mean anything. so i am not that taken after all.

and today i didnt get a facial. i realized another thing. i am gay . i am not a woman.

also i hate it when you need to go to the bathroom but you are out of the house. then you are like. i need to go man. and you have to stop over someplace to get something. and you cant go to the bathroom coz they are not clean there. and everyone there is working so so so slow. it is outrageous. you want them to hurry but they just wont. it is so so so aggravating. well i hate it when this happens.

so i have managed to write the most psychologically insane post ever in the history of blogging.

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