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Sunday – 26 Jamadi ul Awwal 1424 – 05 Sravana 1925 – 27 July  2003

last night was the first saturday night of my working life. although i love my work i like the idea of going out over the weekend. this weekend there was no such plan. well i thought id go over to my cousins to spend the weekend. he lives alone so we could behave like guys and hang out and stuff.

i get there and he tells me we are going to a concert. now. i hate concerts. i hate them. i dont know why but i get extremely depressed in concerts. well he insisted so i decided to go. we went with our friends of the neighbourhood (in pakistan is the completely straight for a group of friends to go out together even for a concert). all the way i prayed that it wasnt a concert and that it was a ghazal evening(pakistans equivalent of the opera). no. i am not a boring person. i just like ghazal evenings.

on the ticket we had a concert at 2200 hours. but when we got there at 0000 hours we saw that it was a ghazal evening. WOW!. all the other guys who forced me to come had to be bored as hell for an hour and a half. and i enjoyed myself so much. my cousin told me he will never force me to go anywhere as i will jinx that too. awwwwww. that is so cute.

also i had a hit today from someone coming from this address “” which is a yahoo search for what rain means to pakistan. well if i am that popular that my blog is dealing with social issue. wow. thats all i can say.