Monday – 27 Jamadi ul Awwal 1424 – 06 Sravana 1925 – 28 July 2003

people who have spent one whole day looking for a new car in a large city like karachi will know what i talk about in this post(this is one of the longest sentences that i have ever written). looking through the classifieds on a sunday. talking a bunch of people half of whome were half wits and a quarter or whome were quarter wits.

then we finally saw a nice car. we went to it. we looked at it. we pushed it. we pulled it. we checked it. we liked it.

we then followed the age old tradition of the orient. haggling. for half an hour we haggled. we told each other not to overprice. we exaggerated the flaws. the owners exaggerated the good things. we told them not to do this so we do not have to fall to the level of petty bargaining. they told us the same thing. people shook their heads in disbelief. people told each other how poor they were and couldnt afford this or that. people told each other about how much they needed that money. people told each other that such a small amount doesnt matter. but by the end it wasnt about the money. it was about who wins. streetwise men trying to get the upper hand. whoa. and you think i wouldnt get turned on but i did. the two people bargaining were both hot. and i have a thing for one of them so i liked it.

next we came home. one by one the other two guys went away i was left with the guy who bargained from my side. well he was the one i had the thing about. well he is gay. so am i. and we both know about each other. and we both know that we both know about each other. well at night we both went for dinner together. i think he likes me. but i am with A.A. also i think he is nice and cute but just as a friend. how the hell do i make him stop thinking about me without hurting him. damnit! i dont know the easiest of things.

i am such a moron.


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