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Mehdi Hassan

Sunday – 04 Jamadi us Sani 1424 – 12 Sravana 1925 – 03 August 2003  


yeh watan tumhara hay ………………..

tum ho paaaaaasbaaaan is kay …..


he knows how to work me up.

his music is wonderful. all of you who havent heard him have missed it all.


Sunday – 04 Jamadi us Sani 1424 – 12 Sravana 1925 – 03 August 2003  

the eternal question. when will i find ‘the one’. the right answer. shut up man and lemme sleep.

at least that is what happened to me when i pestered my cousin too much. he knows i am gay. he thinks it is sick. he has tried an awful amount of times to str8en me out. but never works. well now i just talk to him about guys and my problems being gay. i am sure he thinks about other things and just nods. with the above paragraph i seem to be like a 35 year old woman whose marriage is going nowhere. but i am not. mind you all. i am not a 35 year old woman whose relationship is not going anywhere.

i am just a guy. sitting besides a window. nice cloudy windy weather outside. all alone at home. everyone else is asleep. i am listening to nice music. getting more and more romantic. feeling more and more lonely. DAMNIT ! now i will have a lousy day. musing all day. desiring to go see the sunset on the sea. desiring to sit with someone for tea at a restauraunt. desiring to talk to someone about stuff i like. desiring to discuss politics, music, literature, art, religion, history or life with someone i love.

desiring too much. getting too little. god i hate it when i am in a good mood. it always leads to a more mellow and down mood. right now i am upbeat. but wait till tonight.

finally some music that you all out there in the west can listen to and relate to as well(west = us, canada, europe, australia, new zealand). this is the time when i talk about what moves me and you guys will also know what i am talking about.

elvis ROX!. ‘unchained melody’ ‘are you lonesome tonight’ ‘always on my mind’ ‘help me make it throught the night’ ‘fame and fortune’ ‘its now or never’ ‘love me tender’ ‘suspicious minds’ ‘wear my ring’ ‘oh danny boy’. i love listening to elvis. i love listening to him when i am down and out. and also when i am upbeat and happy.

presley’s music has depth and beauty. it is melodious when you want it to be. it has the marvellous beats when you want them.

then there is eric clapton. he is one of the very few men capable of giving me an orgasm. i come alive in his music. it is as if you shine sunlight on newly sprouting plants. they come alive and spring to life. that is what clapton’s music does to me. ‘alberta’ ‘layla’ ‘old love'(excellent. always gives an orgasm) ‘bell bottom blues’ ‘wonderful tonight’ ‘lady in red’. eric claptons guitaring is one of the greatest blessings to mankind.

it is a saying here in our part of the world that ‘mausiqi rooh ki ghiza hay’ ‘music is the food of the soul’ i believe in this saying. it is so right. it is so right.