Monday – 05 Jamadi us Sani 1424 – 13 Sravana 1925 – 04 August 2003 

i tought i was upset in the day. boy was i ever prepared for this. i am much more upset now. i asked my boss to let me off and ill work extra the next few days. he said ok. so i am here at home. sitting infront of the computer. sulking.

i dont know what to do. it is different for every person. it is different for every family. i am horrified at the thought that i might have to tell them that i am gay. i have an exact idea how they will react. and i have an exact idea how my exact idea is wrong.

i opened this page. but i dont know what to write. i dont know. it is so insane. i hate this moment.

and now for something uncommon to my blog, political thoughts. i am very very pissed at mr george bush. the defender of christendom against the attacks of the saracen hordes. first for attacking afghanistan without proof. then for attacking iraq without proof. then for threatening ever muslim country larger than rhode island. what the hell is the problem with the current kkk infested neo con us government. why the hell dont they focus on americas problems. fix your own country first. of course there are problems in america that hundreds of americans talk about. fix that first.

now i will leave. take a long long long bath. and go to sleep. good eveing. shab ba khair


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