Tuesday – 06 Jamadi us Sani 1424 – 14 Sravana 1925 – 05 August 2003  

well in case someone(read A.A) missed this. i already have a boyfriend. A.A. so i am taken.

you happy now A.A. and yes for gods sake leave a comment. all other boyfriends do that.

for those of you who dont know about this. i met A.A. on mirc. liked him instantly. and shockingly he liked me as well. he was the first person that i knew on mirc who i told about my blog. he is the first person who i have sent a picture with a motive in mind. actually i am doign that as i write this. this coming a paranoid freak like me is shocking. also i am going to call him soon ;). another big big break for a paranoid freak like me.

so thats it. bye now. ill post later.

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