Saturday – 17 Jamadi us Sani 1424 – 25 Sravana 1925 – 16 August 2003 

since my last post something has happened and i am a whole different person.

i went to the bank after my last post. went to the counter. gave them the check they gave me my token. number 36. again. i have had that token twice before. of all the three times that i went there i was given no. 36. and below that they write kcj. every time. it is a HUGE coincidence so i am very excited about the next time i go to the bank. lets see what happens.

also in the same bank. about 5 minutes after me a guy walked in. he was exceptionally cute. i fell down on the floor drooled all over the place and hyperventilated so much that women had to hold on to their dupattas lest they fly away. i mean he was very very cute. i couldnt keep my eyes off him. he saw me staring and was slightly flustered. i am very sorry for my display of a complete lack of human social conduct and etiquette but he was that cute.

after todays episode at the bank. i as of now make a change in the definition of “the one”. he does not have to be equal to or taller than me. :)


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