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Sunday – 18 Jamadi us Sani 1424 – 26 Sravana 1925 – 17 August 2003 

well first of all i have a blinding pain in a teeth on the right side of my jaw. there is a cavity and i am going go to the dentist soon. but it is hurting me very much. too much that i cannot concentrate to write.

i went to the beach in karachi to see for myself the oil spill. HORRIBLE!!!. the sea was brown with the oil. the sand was all black. there was a horrible smell. there was slight taste and touch to the air. and also it stung my eyes. it is a complete enivronmental disaster on the karachi coast. all major news networks have been screaming about it for days.

i have started to attend weekend classes for a test. one of the major shocks is that i am very satisfied with the teachers. two of them are amazing. i already have huge crushes on both of them the bitch that i am. except for that i liked the exposure that i got. i think we should try stuff like this. makes you meet new people and opens up your mind.