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Egg eating competition

Saturday – 08 Rajab 1424 – 15 Bhadra 1925 – 06 September 2003 

well here i am am. it is 1211 here. i have been awake since 1120. no breakfast nothing. i have only two rupees in my pocket. which can buy me one candy. or two if i get cheap ones that taste aweful. and i am hungry. there is nothing that can barelu resemble uncooked food. i am at my cousins. he is snoring so loud. i think ill put up a sound energy plant and produce enough energy to light gambia and maybe even senegal.

that said. i am hungry. i love breakfast. i LOVE breakfast. but then again i love lunch and dinner as well. but i love eggs. i have a thing for eggs. it is not only in my mind it has been proven. one day a crooked aunt just to break my pride told me she will make as many eggs as she can and that she will show me that i will stop in the middle of the eggs and not eat as many as i get like i boast.

it was on! i hated her. she disliked me. we had even spread a few rumours about each other in the past. she had called me feminine. she had actually called me feminine!!! i wasnt gonna take that. i had told someone that she didnt pass college but she failed and tells everyone she has passed. :) people bought it. look i am sorry. but i am evil evil person. even in bed. ;)

so well it was less of a competition and more of a WAR. sortof like the situation in india-pakistan cricket matches. since we arent gonig to fight a war inshallah due to the nukes. and since we dont have cricket matches. so when we do have them it is like do or die. but i digress, more about the whole india-pakistan cricket match scenario later on.

now it is about the “egg war” and the “battle of the breakfast area” as i like to call it. well i wont walk you guys through it but lets say. after 13 eggs. i had won :). she was too tired to make any more. and she was also mindful of the expense she had gone through. so lets just say. crooked aunt 17 – jalal 18. ;) ahhhh the spirit of competition. i am a nice person until someone else starts to compete with me. then i turn into an evil maniac.

i have actually hidden/thrown away a guys toothbrush coz he was trying to cut me off in a conversation. well it is not fair. you try talking and someone cutting you off every 2 minutes. once or twice it is ok. but when you realize that someone is trying to sabotage you you get mad. so did i. well more about my violent competitions later on.

and oh yes. remind me to post about the day when my pants were ripped ;)

and something beautiful that i read at crash.

I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library. -Jorge Luis Borges


Friday – 07 Rajab 1424 – 14 Bhadra 1925 – 05 September 2003 

so well i am back. no idea what to blog about. except that i will blog.

as god is my witness i will blog tonight.

i think i should try this. i will type what i feel. as it happens. interesting.

first of all i am very very sleepy and i cant do anything about that. i feel slighltly cold. the wind from the fan to my right is comeing at me in gusts. every gust cold. and after that warm. i like the warmth. the music is playing. slightly loud. the guitars and the drums and and voice are all slightly uncomfortabel due to my sleepiness. my left arm is itching so i will stop typing to scratch it. and oops a drop just dropped onto my shorts. COLD water. very very shocking. the fan is not soundless. there is something in it. there is this sound in it as if something rattling inside it like most ceiling fans. its one special signature of the sound. the pitch and number the frequency. someone called ali just logged into my msn messenger. the sound of the pop up was nice. subtle yet alarming. barbra streisand is good. nice song. hmmmmmmmmmmm. i have to go now before i proove to all of you that i am a moron.


Friday – 07 Rajab 1424 – 14 Bhadra 1925 – 05 September 2003 

well i wrote two posts both of them effed up. they were good posts. i cant prove it so you will just have to take my word for it. and now i have to go. bye.