Friday – 07 Rajab 1424 – 14 Bhadra 1925 – 05 September 2003 

so well i am back. no idea what to blog about. except that i will blog.

as god is my witness i will blog tonight.

i think i should try this. i will type what i feel. as it happens. interesting.

first of all i am very very sleepy and i cant do anything about that. i feel slighltly cold. the wind from the fan to my right is comeing at me in gusts. every gust cold. and after that warm. i like the warmth. the music is playing. slightly loud. the guitars and the drums and and voice are all slightly uncomfortabel due to my sleepiness. my left arm is itching so i will stop typing to scratch it. and oops a drop just dropped onto my shorts. COLD water. very very shocking. the fan is not soundless. there is something in it. there is this sound in it as if something rattling inside it like most ceiling fans. its one special signature of the sound. the pitch and number the frequency. someone called ali just logged into my msn messenger. the sound of the pop up was nice. subtle yet alarming. barbra streisand is good. nice song. hmmmmmmmmmmm. i have to go now before i proove to all of you that i am a moron.

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