Archive for September 12, 2003

i like to check out on who comes to blog. sometime…

i like to check out on who comes to blog. sometimes people come here through searches on search engines. some of the searches are strange to the extent of being shared. so here is this weeks list of strange searches. i will group the searches according to why i find them amusing.

1 – a very normal casual everyday search. but what the hell is my blog doing in this search.

– karachi motorcycles (nothing to do with this at all … no idea how i turned up in this search)

– pakistan dairy (i like milk, butter, cheese, lassi and other dairy productrs. but that doesnt mean i should be a result of this search)

2 – searches made by people desperately looking for sex. and yes i should feature in these ;)

– karachi slutty girls

– love making in urdu

– msn id of ladies in pakistan

– fucking places in islamabad pakistan

– karachi gay address for meeting

– sex in pakistan

3 – a not so very normal casual everyday search. but my blog in it means there is something wrong with me.

– koi socially depressed (WATCH IT BUD ! there are times that i am depressed but not so much that it should be a result of search queries)

– pakistani khanay(t. pakistani food) (ok i like food and i am slightly fat. but DAMN YOU GOOGLE. DAMN YOU. how dare you pull the good jalal name in the mud here)

– uncommon sence (now this is downright rude and cheap. HOW DARE YOU YAHOO! HOW DARE YOU ? this will be the last straw my involvement in any other search results that drives away possible suitors will cause some serious kick ass)

oh yes i have go now and irritate the hell out of my mom. i cant understand why she feels irritated when i run muddy hands on her face. oh so till later. ta ta.