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I dont know why but I am in a VERY romantic mood r…

I dont know why but I am in a VERY romantic mood right now. Listening to my romantic music. Old indian songs. “saagar kinare”. Old pakistani songs. “akelay na jaana”. English songs. “clapton – layla” “elvis – the wonder of you”. Oh god i am in a VERY romantic mood.

I am feeling a deep deep longing for someone or something. I cannot explain what this desire, this urge is for. I really can not. It eludes me. But there is a very strong desire for something. I get this feeling on and off. Specially after watching a movie that I loved very much and wanted to continue. Sometimes on a beautiful evening with a light breeze and cloudy skies. Sometimes in summer nights when the fan is on full and I havent had any human contact for some time and I am listening to music.

I cannot be sure but it is a desire for love. A desire to love someone. A desire to be loved by someone. The love that you have for a partner, a spouse a lover. That love. A relationship. To have someone in my bed. And have him there even when I am awake. To have afternoon tea with him. To watch uncountable sunrises and sunsets with him. Allah ! how beautiful a world you have made.

Ending on the note that if any of you get any cheeky ideas pertaining to my situation, do share them with me ;)