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hmmm. well it was a normal day until i got off the…

hmmm. well it was a normal day until i got off the car. when i got off the car my shirt got stuck in the door and i heard an audible rip. hmmmm. what the hell. but when i looked at my shirt i couldnt see it. feeling slightly strange i told my cousin about it. he said maybe a small rip with a big noise. so a started to move away. after two or three steps there was a gust of wind.


my pants were ripped at the crotch. BIG RIP ! felt like i was naked and all that wind in my pants. well unlike last time (entry on 2003 09 10) this time i was wearing underwear. only the rip was HUGE. i mean i asked my cousin if he could see it. and yes he could see it when i was walking. WOW! BIG RIP!

needless to say i didnt care if anyone peeked inside. their perversion not mine. so like our plan we went out and had lunch. i kept my legs closed. oops. embarrasing. but nothing happened. i walked back to the car. VERY slow lest any more rips. and here i am blogging about one of the more embarrasing days of my life. ;)

well i didnt post yesterday. sorry. birthday ;) an…

well i didnt post yesterday. sorry. birthday ;) and well i like birthdays very much. i get to be rude and mean and noone minds :) muahhahaha. i had a pact with my mom and sisters before the birthday that i will be rude and mean and they have to bear with it.

they did bear with it.

but at 12 tonight they all came into my room. and guess what. they are my family after all. threw LOTS of old glue on the floor. and to add to it. they threw some oil as well. since it isnt my birthday i have to work as well. which means i just got finished with cleaning my rooms floor.

lets just say. IT IS WAR !!!