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i VERY interesting thing i heard today. from an ol…

i VERY interesting thing i heard today. from an old school friend who i met online after a very long time. she told me that girls in school (10 grade) used to like me a lot. and shockingly i was considered a hottie (?????) well i have no idea where they got that from. in school i always thought of myself as a loser kinda guy. shy/feminine/horrible at sports. but i was a fun guy to be with. you know the people magnet. funny and excited and cool. so now i have no idea what to think. maybe i was cool. wow. that is interesting to find out.

i wont even begin to tell you guys what this did for my self esteem. also how much i want to lose weight and get in shape now.

in other news. i just got a "neem" tree for the ga…

in other news. i just got a “neem” tree for the garden and my grandfather who loves gardening put it in the ground. so its been one day. i am keeping my fingers crossed. i love the neem tree. it is tall. it is leafy. it is green. and it seems like one helluva tree. so i want it to grow. wish me luck.

also in other news i am chatting with this guy for some time. and i seem to think that i like him. also i think he reads my blog. so i shouldnt be saying this over here. but whatever. he is nice. and shockingly he watches the same tv programs i do. which is such a coincidence and i am very excited about this. so lets see how that proceeds. and he even has a nice name (no i am not the most unreasobale person ever … i think it counts what a guys name is)

in still other news. yesterday was allahs present to me on my birthday. well i saw so many beautiful beings i was out of control.

i rate men from 0-10. since i dont usually talk to them this is a completely physical rating. i saw a guy who i rated 10. which is VERY uncommon. since the last one was about two years ago. and then i saw two guys who i rated 8. now lemme tell you that is no ordinary day. i was so happy yesterday.

the 10 pointer i saw when i was out with my cousin and friends for tea. he sat on the table infront of mine. and i could see him well. WOW! 10 points. that is equal to david fumero not a lean feat. well i dont know why but this line from a coulet kept going on and on in my head. it is in farsi but it is very pertinent.

ae turk e ghamzazan kay muqabil nasheesta

sitting in front of the ballad singing turk

here turk means beautiful man

well that happened yesterday. WOW nice.