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Life goes on. Day by day. Month by month. Year by …

Life goes on. Day by day. Month by month. Year by year. Century by century. Millennium by millennium. People live people die. Feet walk the streets and are no more. Cities rise and cities fall. Civilization prosper and then become mere tribes. Time consumes all. Nothing is left. Save two things. Wonders for which manking toiled in the blistering sun and the freezing cold. Names of men great and tall who rise above the crowd.

Looking from an external and outside perspective. We are so so small. One Man does not matter. Neither does one villiage or city. Or for that matter nation or civilization. They are all transient details. What matters in the global movement. The global movement for excellence and perfection. The global movement of ideas, thought and ideals. The will to learn and the will to strive. That is what remains. All else is lost.

Makes me seem so small. Make my problems so petty and unimportant. The bigger picture. The real bigger picture. To think how Man developed from the wild tribes 7000 years ago to this level today. Within 7000 years we have found out how to split the atom and hence destroy ourselves. But we have also made the UNO to save us from that. We have made weapons but not books. It is time that man matured and acted as the real inhertor of the 7000 of history. It is about time all war ended.