when you chat with someone for everynight for two …

when you chat with someone for everynight for two weeks. it is a general expectation that you meet. that is what happened here. T was asking to meet but not mentioning it. it was like a question suspended in mid air and i knew it was there. well yesterday i felt the urge to take the next step and meet him.

i told him about it and he was quite happy about it. so we decided to meet. since he is slighly bus we will meet friday for lunch. i know i know what kind of a horrible date is a lunch date. but see i dont call it a date i call it a meeting. and T noticed this word VERY much “meeting?” isnt that a date and i was like “yeah yeah”. so basically since it is lunch which is like a TERRIBLE date so we are having a meeting. god i hate this. i think he felt bad coz i called it a meeting and not a date. but i think ill make it upto him later on ;)

so well we both do not offer friday prayers. :) so we are going to meet on friday. and yes one horrible thing. we havent decided. hmmmmmmm. seems like i will have to talk to a lot of friends to find out where we can have decent lunch in karachi. :) so all of you. wish me luck on my date … err … meeting thing :)

and how are your lives proceeding.

also i read recently that the french revolution took place not because the french were the most wretched but because they were the best off. hmmm.

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