well needless to say i having HORRIBLE problems ad…

well needless to say i having HORRIBLE problems adjusting to family life after college. i know i know everyone in pakistan lives like this. but i cant. its done. i cant. its horrible ok. you dont know. it is horrible.

they are always expecting things from me which i cannot give. i mean come on i am not a prophet or god. they want me to be this and that and to do this and that. i cant do all that. i got used to an independent life after college. i cant do it.

and since i cannot come upto their expectiation which i think i should. i feel like a loser and a failure as a son and a brother. damnit. i hate all this. i actually feel like i am failing all of them. i feel like i am not coming upto any of my responsibilites.

yes you are right. i did have a fight with my mom today as well. but today she won. she told me that i should be living alone coz i am a liability and not an asset. she told me that i am not at all street smart and even her daughters are better at guy things. then she told me that i have only hurt her and never been a source of comfort to her. blah blah blah. long story short and my own interpretation. she wished she had some other person for a son. GOOD!


  Anonymous wrote @

Jalal, the reason why our family life is better than that of the “West” is because we don’t live only for ourselves.
The concept of finding happiness through service & sacrifice is unique to our culture.
And just like to got used to an ‘independent’ life in college, you can also learn to get ‘used’ to not being so independent.
Dude, man is a slave to his habits and the only way you change habits is by doing something different and reinforcing that behaviour.

  Jalal wrote @

I agree with that to some extent.

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