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A rubai that I said today. Kya Shafaq Subha Ki …

A rubai that I said today.

Kya Shafaq Subha Ki Hay Phooti Kya Hua Ujala Hay Dekho

Fasl-e-Gul Main Har Chehrai Nai Rang Jo Nikala Hai Dekho

Hay Naey Khiyalon Ki Basti Hay Naee Ummeedon Ka Alam

Yeh Waqt Anokha Hay Samjho Yeh Waqt Nirala Hay Dekho

Prosaic translation

has the light of day come has the light spread all over

in the new crop of flowers look at all the new colours of these faces

it is a city of new thoughts it is a world of new hopes

know that this is a unique time see that this is a rare time

again apologies for the horrible translation

I am feeling like utter scum right now. Me and my …

I am feeling like utter scum right now. Me and my cousin went to buy some smokes. He went in to the store and I sat in the car. A guy comes up. Very old, white hair and a white beard. He says “izarband khareed lo” (buy these cloth belts) and I say “nahin nahin” (no no). I thought he would leave but he didnt. He said “acchay laga doon ga” (ill give you a good bargain) and I say “nahin nahin”. Then he just says “Mushkil kay waqt main kisi ki cheez khareedna bhi sawab ka kaam hay” (in bad times if you buy something from someone even that is a good deed) and he left and went into the bazaar. I was shocked and spellbound. I didnt have a single rupee with me so I couldnt buy anything. But I felt so bad. He was very very poor. He was in a MUCH MUCH bad condition that I was. I kept looking at him until he disappeared in the crowd. What he said to me felt like the breaking of my bond with being a human. I feel like I have betrayed myself.

Why are SOME people so VERY stupid. Why do they en…

Why are SOME people so VERY stupid. Why do they end up mortifying themselves with horrible deeds.

I got into and argument today. With someone who turned out to have a full working brain. Since I am mentally retarded I tend to act strangely. In an argument I will not stop arguing until the other person tells me that I am right and he is wrong.

I told you I am strange!

But today I acted even more strangely that usual. What can be stranger than this? Well read on and ye shall see. EVEN more than usual? Yes.

I got into the argument because I thought the other guy was an idiot. But he turned out to have a brain. Since I was in an argument (Yes I know I am strange.)(YES I KNOW)(FOCUS ON THE DAMNED STORY) I could not back down until he declared I was right and he was wrong.

It turned out like this. He was saying something that I COMPLETELY believe in. Since I AM a buffoon I opposed it. I ended saying the most idiotic things EVER. Until it became painfully obvious to everyone that I WAS wrong and that he WAS right. I would rather jump into a chauldron of rat fat and ox testes than admit that I am wrong in an argument. I told you I am strange. So I just quietned down and the discussion went over to more interesting topics.

The result of this whole thing is.

WANT HIM! I WANT HIS SEED! I wanted to have him right there on the Persian carpet. But alas fate was against me.

I seem to be in a VERY romantic mood tonight. I me…

I seem to be in a VERY romantic mood tonight. I mean I want to do something with someone. Like watching some tv. Or a movie. Drinking some nice cold lemonade. With the fan on full. With the whole sensation. The nice warm Karachi breeze coming in the window. I just dont know why but I had a VERY strong sudden urge for this.

I just want to lie in my bed with someone and watch one of those wonderful movies that fell you with a feeling of awe and adventure. One of those movies where you have to sit for a little while after it is over. Where you cannot just move because your whole mood has been changed by the movie.

Like “Legends of the Fall” or “Moulin Rouge”. A movie from another age. From another location. Of unbridled adventure and feelings. Something wonderful. With someone. I really want that right now.

Instead I am alone and blogging. I wonder what T is doing right now. I wonder where he is. What he is thinking.

So I think I will go and immerse myself in romantic delusions.

I just looked at a picture of David Fumero in a po…

I just looked at a picture of David Fumero in a policemans uniform and I think I am frothing at the mouth.

I am SO gay.

I just remembered that I have a higher than average IQ.

I am SO SO SO gay. ;)

I was just forcibly given a facial by my sisters. …

I was just forcibly given a facial by my sisters.

DARN IT! Who am I kidding.

I just forced my sisters into giving me a facial.

I am so gay. ;)

Today I actually had some Alcohol properly for the…

Today I actually had some Alcohol properly for the first time in my life. It was a can of “Grolsch Premium Lager” which is from Holland. It has about 5% alcohol.

My comments. Well it had the worst taste of anything to touch my taste buds since I gained the knowledge of my existence. Basically I have to be told that there are good tasting alcoholic beverages because if there arent. Then this was the end for me and alcohol.