it seems that my life is finally interesting. i ha…

it seems that my life is finally interesting. i have something to blog about. not just something. four somethings.

i went to a gym yesterday. and then today. well lets say my body above the navel is a big sore of pain. it seems like all of my muscles were pulled at by nimble yet deft fingers of persian carpet weaving girls. i cannot raise my hands upto my face. i cannot open my arms wide. i canNOT stand my sister punching me in the back. i sure hope this pays off :)

i went to pick up my sister from her school again. this time i went dressed and early. at the prescribed time the school bell rung. children ran out of their classes like a swarm of locusts from the sahara spying the irrigated agricultural exapanse of pakistan. i mean it was a stampede. but this time my sister didnt feel down because of me. but the whole episode reminded me of the time when i was a kid and used to RUN out of the door as soon as the bell rang. as if i stayed for one minute the sky will fall upon me and not kill me but make me incapacitated for life.

i had a normal 1.5 hour chat with T. it is final i am going to meet him on friday. my first meeting ever. i used the word ‘date’. he noticed it. but it seems he was very happy to see me use this word. seems like i am the one stalling and not the one rushing. but he is very patient. and oh yes he told me he likes edward said, noam chomsky and iqbal ahmed as modern philosophers. i LOVE him.

and the last point is that PTV is doing an all night transmission on music. the guest on the show is ‘tina sani’. the show is about music. and it is a WONDERFUL program. so anyone from pakistan who can catch it. CATCH IT! they have shows songs/ghazals by mehdi hassan, nazia zohaib and many others. tina ji herself sung a song LIVE completely live. so i am off to watch the show. WATCH IT.

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