i am extremely saddened as i type. karachi has des…

i am extremely saddened as i type. karachi has descended into chaos and violence.

i have seen two burnt busses. one burnt truck. one burnt oil carrying container. one petrol station broken up. five burning tyres in the middle of roads.

my cousin wanted to go for pizza. we went out in the car. and we are here after 15 minutes too scared to go ahead. some people got killed yesterday. today is the day of the mob rampages. it is the day when we commit suicide as a nation every few weeks.

the traffic in karachi suddenly changes if there is something wrong. cars and busses move at a different frenzied pace. they move on different roads. the amount of traffic changes. that is what happened today.

there was a heavy police presence. there was a heavy parmilitary presence. i saw three fire trucks and two ambulances today. more than i have seen in the last few months. allah help us all and keep us in his protection. it is saddening how we behave as a nation.

when we were going along for the pizza we decided to go ahead even if there was a like trouble … but then we suddenly saw two towers of smoke up ahead after the bridge. we didnt cross the bridge we came back.

i am at my cousins right now. the worst of the situation is near my home. i am very worried. one of my sisters is at college. the other has gone for classes. i am scared ok. they are gonna come back home. allah only knows how they will get back home. this is scary damn it.

this happens every few months in karachi. i sudden breakdown into chaos and violence. why must we do this. why must we have to endure this life. it is not fair. why must we feel this way ever so often. it is not fair. i can only pray that our lives improve with education and understanding and we are finally able to lead productive lives.

may allah keep us in his protection and mercy.


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