i went to the US in the summer of 2000. it was int…

i went to the US in the summer of 2000. it was interesting. the scenery for the last hour as we approached new york from europe was WONDERFUL. then we landed. it was a LONG LONG LONG horribly long flight. 8 hours from karachi to manchester and 7 more to new york. i was ready to sleep on the COLD marbel floor.

when i landed i was hungry, tired, weak, nauseated, dead and basically VERY VERY crappy. my sister was the same. since i was a guy i was supposed to act normal. making all this SO much more harder. and well i have to admit. i was SO completely turned on by american guys who are quite HOT.

we had to wait for one hour before our luggage arrived. apparently there was something in someones stuff and they had to check everything. well it wasnt so bad. one hour. not such a big deal. after that we went to immigration. now this is the FUNNY part. something on the form wasnt clear. OK. my english is perfect. althought that doesnt show on the blog because i dont pay that much attention when i write it. but come on. 700 in SAT means good english (continuing after the OBVIOUS self praise and aggrandizement) so it really was unclear on the form.

there was a lady there. i asked her excuse me can you help me. from the look on her face i thought she couldnt understand. so i said excuse me again. now. out comes a voice. a HEAVY nyc accent. one that i couldnt understand at that time. honestly i couldnt understand her. she said something. now i was blank i heard sounds but no english words. and she must be thinking. oh great one of those i dont know english undereducated morons from third world banana republics. so i thought hey who not do this. i started speaking in a british accent. and from here on she also started speaking in ‘her’ british accent. we spoke for 10 minutes and only got across one thing. what to write on that one line on the form.

at that moment across the atlantic. 1 million britishers of a strong linguistic background and excellent accents were turning in their graves and wishing to god to pull them up away from me and that woman.

so my answer to Crash … you americans have VERY VERY heavy accents as well. the only people who do not have accents are indians and pakistanis. ours is the truest form of english. we have the largest english speaking community in the world and hence we decide what proper english is ;) match that … huh … and all of you brits out there … cheerio chum you shouldnt have ruled us if you didnt want this to happen. now we have your language ;)

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