It is about 0601 on a sunday. I have no idea why I…

It is about 0601 on a sunday. I have no idea why I work up one hour ago. Just couldnt sleep. Maybe because of the slightly hot weather and also because I slept early tonight. Something in the neighbourhood of midnight.

Well here I am up at 0603 on a Sunday morning. It is awfully quiet out there. No noises in the house. No noises from outside. Except from the sudden yet interesting sound from a bird or a crow or and eagle or a parrot or any other natural flying object.

I was just looking at a few blogs and I realized that I am a part of a community. Like a real community I read peoples blogs. Who read my blog. We all share our thought and emotions. And most of all we have gotten connected in a way that we have become friends in a way. Only with the internet at our hands could this have happened.

Oh God. I hate the sound of Crows. It is an UGLY, low droning croak. Hate it.

I like to collect satellite images of places. I love watching the world from far off. But close enough to see what is there. Cities and towns. Rivers and dams. Deserts and oases. It is really nice. For starters I would recommend. Specially for Americans. Terraserver. And also my all time favourite.Visibleearth, NASA


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