I chatted with T again last night. It was wonderfu…

I chatted with T again last night. It was wonderful. I am really beginning to feel this developing into something meaningful. I mean I have nothing to compare this with. But it feels right. We have been chatting for a month or so now. And I have started to feel restless at 2300 everynight because that is when he comes online. He has also made it clear that there is something from his side as well.

Last night was wonderful. After three days when I saw his nick pop up in my MSN messenger I felt so happy. Well we talked and talked and talked. Yes I know it might seem boring. But talking isnt all we are going to do when we meet face to face.;). Well I asked him if I can use his name on my blog. He said no. So I am still going to use T. Also I thought I should take a step and ask him something which made me feel slightly queasy. I asked him if I can call him my boyfriend on the blog. And I waited for the answer. And shockingly he was so happy about it. Now it is confirmed. I am the one who wants to go slow. Hmmmmmmm. Then he suggested that since we havent met I should call him my net-boyfriend. Which I think is very cute.


And then the really good news. I am going on a date on Saturday night. :). I mean a date. Since that is what we both called it. This is very very nice. My first date. And it is with someone who I like a lot for a first date. It is with someone who I can talk to easily since we have so many common interests. It is with someone who likes me too. I am really looking forward to it.



I think it is VERY early to say this but. I think I am somewhat in love. :). I know I am not a 16 year old school girl. But this is how I feel. I feel like I am slightly in love. Thank god I never fall in love all of a sudden. These things take their time with me. So in about a few months ill be in love. ;) WOOHOO!!!

Oh and yes. DAMN IT! He forced the address of my blog out of me. So lets just say that the blog is being written on yellow alert and I reserve the right to not say everything on the blog. Although todays post was clear (White). From now on there is a code. Red = Severely Censored. Orange – Mildly Censored. Yellow – Slightly Censored. White – Not Censored.


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