I just saw a comedy tv show. "Loose Talk", starrin…

I just saw a comedy tv show. “Loose Talk”, starring ‘Anwer Maqsood’ and ‘Moin Akhter’. Two very seasoned comedians. I would consider all of those unfortunate who can understand Urdu and belong to the South Asian culture but havent experienced any of the many programs that these two have done together. The episode I just saw was about a poet. And from now on I will make it a point to not miss “Loose Talk”. There was a point when I laughed so hard that I had a coughing fit. I always say that the duo’s shows should be seen on some media where we can pause it. Because it is very common to get into fits of laughter so long that you miss ensuing jokes.

I am thinking of adding an online poll to my blog as well. I think ill put that on tomorrow.

I saw a documentary on Discovery on Sinan the renouned Turkish/Ottoman architect from the time of Sultan Suleiman the Great. It was wonderful and the clips of the Suleimaniye mosque were exquisite.

Another interesting thing I came across. Homosexuality was called the Persian or Turkish Vice in Europe until recent times. Due to the prevalence of it in Muslim countries. It is also said that until very recently the only places that did accept homosexuality to some extent were the Muslim countries in the world. And to think that today these very nations are the most oppressive about being gay.


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