Shab e Barat

Last night was the night of Shab e Barat. It is a muslim holy night where we pray all night and we visit the graves of out departed. It is as much a part of our culture as it is of our religion. I went to the graveyard last night. There were SO many people there due to Shab e Barat. With Rose petals and water to sprinkle of the graves. Also with Agarbattis and Candles to light on the graves. I could smell the rose petals and Agarbattis from a good half kilometer away from the graveyard.

There is no system of graves so it is VERY VERY much like slum of graves. Here and there high and low. Finding the graves of loved ones is hard. You have to remember markers such as trees, rooms and BIG graves. Well we found the grave of my grandmother. But we could not find that of out grandfather. Althought we looked a LOT for it. But alas this is the way things happen.

There were many many people hobbling along. On the thin linings of the graves. Looking for graves of their. It was interesting to look at. There were many many beggers over there. It was more of a surreal experience the graveyard. The candles and the smell of the agarbattis and rose petals. All those people in islamic hats. All those beggers praying loudly or wailing for money. It was a very moving experience.

I think the idea behing going to graves is dual. First is to realize that we too will die one day. This life is not for ever. So we should take care of this life and lead it in the best possible manner. Second it is to see the graves of people. And feel the ensuing feeling of “I didnt do enough for him/her” which at least I always feel when I see their graves. This will make us feel that we should cherish and love all of those who are with us and treat them in the best possible way.

I will say that going to that graveyard last night was a wonderful experience I wish you all had a chance to do that as well.


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