The Date

I went on a date yesterday. I will give a description of it and answer any obvious questions along the way.

It was my first date ever(Ans. No I am not a freak). It was interesting, wonderful and thought provoking(Ans. I know! the strangest adjectives).

T and I met outside the restuarant where we were supposed to eat. :). He was the second to enter. It was nice seeing him all of a sudden. He looked much better than his photo betrayed. We said our his and hellos. Then we went and got seated inside. He seemes slightly nervous. I was probably so nervous that I could not think straight(Ans. straight, pun unintended). I think was quite nervous which I remained throughout the evening. Although I loosened up later on but I was nervous even when I was walking back.

T suggested the nights fare. It turned out to be very nice. We had a nice long conversation … about everything. We talked about our past, Pakistan, Government Officers and so many things. It was more like meeting with someone I know than a first date. That is why I really enjoyed it. I was thinking that there might be nothing to talk about. There might be LONG uncomfortable periods of silence(Ans. No neither of us is dull). But I was wrong. There were no glitches.

We decided to get dessert some place else. So we left. This is where the date becomes a one of a kind and the only of its kind. I had to go to a bathroom(Ans. NO! I am NOT a cat) Well I had to go. I wasnt feeling well maybe something I ate. Well I told him this. We went to a place. Their bathroom was out of order. So the poor guy took me to another place where I went to the batroom(Ans. No No it was not the freakiest date ever).

After that we went for dessert. As soon as we entered the shop I felt a waft of a wonderful aroma. I thought it was chocolate but T told me it is more of waffles than of chocolate. Well another interesting time. Ice creme. A lot to talk about. Mainly politics I think. And I finally managed to look at him while he talked to me. He looked visibly nervous. And I was thinking “Damn, if he is nervous then I should be freaking out right now.” But then I thought that it is maybe his cute little way of being. I am talking VERY cute here. ;)

Well we left that place. Then we went for a drive. A long long drive along Karachi’s roads at late night. We had chatted about this on MSN before and we both knew we loved it. So we went. Oh and yes it was his car all along. We went to the sea coast, Saddar, Shara e Faisal and Clifton (Ans. Not in that order) and it was a wonderful drive. I kept yawning all the time(Ans. No I am not an idiot). He told me it is contagious and he started yawning as well. So I blame myself. Well it was a wonderful drive. Talking to him. The scenery. I thought it was very romantic.

Since it was the first date I didnt know what to do or not to do. I think I might have told him that I am not going to have sex on my first date ever. I think he told me that he didnt even ask me at all and it is OK. I think I was VERY VERY emabarrased by this question. In this paragraph I have said I think whereas I actually did do this and I remember it vividly I just do not want to accept it because that would be horribly embarrasing(Ans. NO I AM NOT AN IDIOT stop calling me one).

Then he said he will drop me off. So we started off for my place. He took me to Shara e Faisal road. Because we both love it at night. We kept going and talking. Going and talking going and talking. Suddenly he says. Shit. I say what. He says I was supposed to turn a LONG LONG time ago. I said OH I thought we were going for a drive(Ans. read ahead I am coming to it). And he said I have to drop you off and I had to turn. I asked him why he overshot. He told me he thought I was going to the airport. And I was thinking “YES, he is like me, he is human, he makes mistakes”. Well we had a HUGE fit of laughter on the fact. He told me he has been going to the airport so much that he was going automatically. So I thought wow. STRANGE DATE. Looking for a bathroom then going to the airport(Ans. yeah yeah you snicker I bet you never had a date with so much happening).

Well the rest of the journey was uneventful. When I was about to get out of the car I forgot all of my manners. And I was going to leave but he said it was a wonderful night(Ans. Yes. I forgot to thank him or comment on the date). But as soon as he said this I told him it was nice. He told me I was cute. I got so excited I mumbled something. :) I do not remember what. And that was the end of the date. I was supposed to meet him later on MSN but my internet just got up 15 mins ago. So. Here I am.

Oh and yes. We stood in front of the sea for about 10 minutes. With our back to the Karachi coast. We looked out towards the sea. Random lights from ships coming to the harbour. The starts. The inky blackness of the water. It was wonderful. I love the beach of the whole Karachi coast line. I had always thought I would go there on a first date. And we did. It was very interesting.

All in all it was a wonderful date.

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