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All day today internet services all over Pakistan …

All day today internet services all over Pakistan were disrupted. It took me about 45 minutes to get this post into my blog today.

I forgot to blog about yesterdays event. Here are the details. Last night I had to go to the farewell ceremony of my manjhali (middle of three) sisters academy. If people tell each other at least 50 times that it is the most horrible night ever then you should belive them. I left after a little while as it was excruciatingly painful. People single handedly murdered the concept of music. People destroyed all remaining vestiges of humour. The entire philosophy of dancing and its implementation were ruthlessly mauled that night. It was the death of culture and civilization as we know it.

I was thinking about tea shops today. Since I went there three times today with my friends. Groups of friends usually love hanging out on tea shops in Pakistan. There we can have Chai (Tea) or Doodh Patti (Milky Tea) or Sabz Chai (Green Tea) or any of the many other forms of tea. A biscuit or a paratha. Basically it is something that is a part of our daily lives. It is a small and subtle addition to the bank of things that make our lives so beautiful and worthy of living. We should enjoy each and every of these small things in our lives to the fullest.

Oh and yes. California. Good Job. Now at least we know that democracy doesnt always work. Thank god we Pakistanis do not have to bear the burden of being the only fools on this planet.