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I havent been able to chat with T since our date. …

I havent been able to chat with T since our date. I hate this. I miss talking to him and I havent been able to. When I get up tomorrow I will kill the owner of my ISP. Then I will call T and try to see how he is. Although his many emails have told me he is fine. He thinks I am avoiding him. Which I would SO not do right now :). But more about that tomorrow.

Today I went with my friends to the fresh fruit juice shop. Where we sit on small rickety benches. Drink a LOT of milk shakes and talk about stupid and boring (not got straight guys) things like girls and women. Since it is on a major road I just look at the men passing by and pass the time. Today I had some Pomegranate Juice. WOW! I would suggest all of you to not pass up an opportunity to have fresh Pomegranate juice.

Today while crossing a road I saw an accident. As it is the norm in Karachi both the drivers got out promptly. Now people usually talk for about 30 seconds before they lose it and fists fly. An education adds 30 seconds to this total. Age adds about 30 more. Beards reduce 30. Well this time it started about even before 30 seconds. I know, WOW! My friends and me had to go over. Literally pull the two apart. Then I felt depressed all night thinking about where Pakistan is going to. What are we, Dogs? Well the thing is even if you beat the other guy into a hospital he is NOT going to give you money for repairs. WHY IN HELLS NAME are you fighting then? It is NO use at all. Except to keep up your over inflated egos which should not even exist because you are animal enough to get into that fight in the first place.

I am completely against all forms, formats and kinds of violence. I believe in non-violence.

Oh and yes I have made a change to the Blog. Now Pictures is a like to my Fotolog. I think the pictures would be available there if they arent just leave a comment so I can try to do something.