I had the most amazing omelette this morning. I lo…

I had the most amazing omelette this morning. I love eggs and sometimes when you like something and you are VERY hungry you can have WONDERFULLY edifying experiences. Like this morning.

I came out to a straight friend through the blog. Gave him the address. Let him find out the rest by reading it. He took it amazingly well.

Had a long long discussion with him. It also included a discussion about the concept behind Religion in general and Islam in particular. Why do people with a religion start to stop thinking and start believing? Why must religion be steeped in dogma and OLD OLD traditions that what we do not need in our day and age? Why must more importance be paid to actions / prayers as opposed to the intentions that those actions / prayers are based upon? God I am a VERY VERY irritating athiest for mose people who believe in religions.

Ok I might even say that I am ok with other people following their beliefs. But damn it do not judge me or force your opinions on me just because I am an athiest. And specially because I am in a minority wherever I live. you do what you want. And ill do what I want. Jio Aur Jeenay Do (Live and let live)


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