The Runaway … Part 5

I want a normal house. Ok we shifted a few months ago. Everything is not perfect. So we need to make a few changes. Ok. there is construction OK. But I want the house clean. There is dust everyfuckingwhere and on everyfuckingthing. DUST! DUST! DUST! Why the hell cant they leave the house clean. WHY the FUCK is it so FUCKING DUSTY. That is not the point. The point is that when I say it is dusty my mom says no there is no dust. I just completely fuicking burn up on this. completely fucking burn u up. Then I walk to ther nearest wooden furniture and swipe it (sghit i cant tyope peroperly) with my finger to show her the dust. Then she says well that is natural. I mean come on DUST. FUCKING DUST! She just completely fucking denies it. DENIES IT!!!! LIES TO MY FUCKING FACE !!!! just burns me the fuck up. I cannot stand dust. Then I am told on my face that there isnt any. I cannot live like that.

There is a concept of ‘Purdah’ in Pakistan. Even though I was an athiest before this post I think the purdah is a social obligation. So I asked the women in my family to put up curtains because when they dont people can see inside the house. Anyone can see inside the house from the street. And they never closed it. NEVER. I used to fight with them all the time and they didnt agree. They used to do that same funckgin thing here are well. Tey jsut use dt o say(i cannot even type rignt now … ill atak e a break then ill tyeep) they say nono … the curtains are drawn. Then I show them the open curtains. They are like oh sorry. SO WHAT AM I ? DO I SEEM LIKE A FUCKING LIAR! They never never never close the curtains properly. Now I am ready to promise that for the last one week everytime I look at those curtains they are always open.

THIS HAPPENS EVERY TIME. The food isnt good. Oh no it is. My bathroom doesnt have a strong enough gjet of water. No it does. The chicked isnt tender. Yes it is. The curtains arent closed. Yes they are. There is dust on the furniture. No there isnt. My bathroom isnt properly cleaned. Yes it is. My rooms floor isnt properly cleaned. Yes it is. WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I saw it and I commented. I am not a fucking liar. Why the hell wont you just listen to me. I cannot get along with someone who does this. Whenever I say someting they deny it without even checking. I hate this. I cannot get along like this. It drives me mad and I dont know what to do.

Look I can do this myself as well. But then they shouldnt say. We pay so and so to do this. Then dont fucking pay her. Tell me to do all this and I will do all this. But dont lie on my face and dont call me a liar.


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