The Runaway … Part 6

And what is with the cooking. Well she cooks. I love her food. Then she wants me to thank her. She wants me to say that I appreciate that she cooks the food. And she wants me to say thank you. I know it is a reasonanable thing to ask. But what the hell. I am the man of the house. If there is a noise at night. I have to check that out. I have to check out things security wise. I have to check out that there is noone prowling at night. I have to decide to use the other door and other window so noone will think about gonig in.

I do my share of things but I do nto go around asking people to thank me. I do not flaunt what I do for my family. I am just not like that. And I dont want to deal with someone who is. I never said thank you because frankly when my mom said say thnk you to me. I thought of how much of a horrible person she is (which she wasnt I agree) and I never said thank you. I cannot stand it. Why should I. If she considers me family and if she sees that I do stuff too that she doesnt appreciate.

HOW DARE SHE ASK ME TO SAY THANK YOU!!! HOW DARE SHE !!! what the hell am I. A guest. An animal. WHAT ? I do stuff to noone ever thanked me for that. WHY THE FUCK SHOULD I. Well we had a few fights on a few days due to this. And I stopped eating at home. Well now it isnt that much of an issue. But she still sometimes tells me to say thank you but I dont. Beacuse it is unfair. And I will not. I know I am being unreasonable but I cannot help it.


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