Well after a long long time I did something useful…

Well after a long long time I did something useful with my free time. I went to see a stage performance. A comedy stage performance. They are a Comedy Improvisation Troupe. Pakistans first. They are called the ‘Black Fish’ and their show is called the same thing. Thank God I live in Karachi. The rest of Pakistan is just overgrown villages. But I digress.

Well they were marvellous. They kept the audience involved. They made some GOOD humour out there. They asked the audience for stuff like comments and situations and personality quirks and they were fabulous about it. All in all it was a wonderful show. Sortof something like ‘Whose line is anyways’. But live and no cameras so it is much much more real and intense.

And the thing that I left out. The guy who was the compere who was sortof hosting the whole thing and carrying it through is very very attractive. I did see him up close. And WOW ;). I would say he is one of the most sexy men I have EVER seen in my life in person. He was awesome. I was drooling all over the place. And I havent stopped thinking about him since ;). He is one of the very very few people who I would add to the list of people allowed to deflower me ;) and to the list of the 10/10 men. All in all WOW.

Damn! I am still thinking about him continuously. He was so so so 10/10. Ahhhhhhh. But I am sure he is str8. Damn str8 men! ;)


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