Me and my friends were at a restaurant. And I was …

Me and my friends were at a restaurant. And I was actually humiliated. First everyone. I repeat everyone kept making fun of me for all the time. Then when we went for tea they decided that since Jalal isnt reacting to us they threw water at me and called me a sissy infront of everyone. They just did that and laughed like hell at the spectacle that I was in. Wow I am so proud of myself being the the village idiot all through my life. I am so proud of not reacting properly because it might have had a negative effect on the mood of the party. Wow I really am an idiot. Caring about people who dont care about me. Shoot. Seems like I am ready for a relationship.

I have also realized another thing. Make friends only with those people who laugh at your jokes. AND. You laugh at theirs. Hence a common sense of humour. The current group of people I hang out with are NOT like that. They are continuously joking and I do not find even one thing worth smiling for whole evenings. Same goes for me. When I say things that would have killed my friends from college the guys here make fun of it and are shocked by my sense of humour or the lack of it.

Oh shoot. Time to find people who are not bored stiff of my company. Oh wait. They arent bored of me. I am their local idiot to make fun of in public places. Hmmm. Whatever. Time to find new friends.


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