I had a nice chat with one of my friends from coll…

I had a nice chat with one of my friends from college who is now in the US. When I told him how horny and alone I was he told me he has a Turkish guy there for me :). Now I may seem lonely and horny or what not. But I am NOT so desperate that ALL people who know me keep someone as backup for me ;). I am not THAT desperate. At least not yet. (This was all big talk. Do please do keep someone as backup) :)

I am in love with blogging. The whole concept :). Sharing all those stories. Some of which are SO strange. Enjoying everything that I come across(not really everything but just trying to please all of you who WILL read this). I have had some of the most hilarious moments on peoples blogs lately. I have also gotten some good advice through my blog. Thank You.

The compere guy I dream about every night is called Saad Haroon. Why is every Saad sexy? I have no idea but it is a general observation. If I ever have a son he gets named Saad, Fahd, Jalal or oh yes something that his other parent wants ;) Who says I am inconsiderate?

Oh and yes there is a friend of mine called Saad. He reads this blog. Saad, I do NOT think you are sexy so calm down. :)


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