Well after a VERY long time I had an opportunity to travel on a Bus in Karachi. Now I should tell you. You CAN NOT read on it. Because of the horrible AND loud AND cheap music being played on it. And also because the other passengers have to talk and they talk OVER the music. Which pretty much makes it horrible enough for you to start screming and jump out of the bus into the loving embrace of the rear wheels with sweet sweet relief from all that is good and bad about life.

Also Pakistani busses are very beautifully decorated. The whole interior and exterior is painted which arabesques and other patters of animals and flowers and many many traditional patterns. They are horrible to look at closely but the overall effect is wonderful. And generally the patters are very very cheap. But today while I was sitting in the bus I noticed a very interesting pattern. Upon looking closely I saw that it was a very well made and very beautifully designed Mughal Styled Pattern and to be honest it was WONDERFUL. From now on I will always look closely when I am on a bus.


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