I just had an excellent lunch of ‘Koftay’ (Spicy M…

I just had an excellent lunch of ‘Koftay’ (Spicy Meatballs), White Rice and Raita. Followed by a wonderful assortment of fruit. Now I am beginning to think that the Iranian order of eating food i.e Fruit, Food and Sweet is better than what we practice i.e Food, Food, Sweet, Fruit. So from now on I will follow the Iranian method.

Also while eating the fruits is realized one thing. Pakistani fruit are so much better than those in America or Saudi Arabia. When I went to the US I loved to try different things to eat. And the fruit there … sorry to say were not all that good. And in Saudi Arabia the fruit sucked as hell. The most horrible fruit in the world.

Now Pakistani fruits are very juicy, sweet and have a strong smell. And when I say this I mean it. I found that fruits in America are less juicy, less sweet and do not have the wonderful aroma that makes you hungry all over again. I agree that fuits in America are about 2 times larger than the largest in Pakistan. They are excellent for filling an empty stomach. But Pakistani fruits are the darlings of the gourmand. Thank God Pakistan has something to be proud of. Something that I can fight for and win in the end due to the presence of actual examples. But yes I LOVED the Pears and Peaches in America, Pakistani Pears and Peaches do not come near those.


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