A First

Ok I know that Alcohol is very strictly Haram or Forbidden in Islam. I also know that it is considered as one of the biggest social evils. But I had to try it once.

Today was chosen as the day when I do it. I was with a friend who had done it before. Since it is illegal to possess or drink alcohol he had to go to people and bring it back with secrecy.

Well we cooled it. It was some sort of a Lager from The Netherlands. Well I opened it up. There was a strange smell. I asked my friend is this normal. He said yes. He asked me if I had ever had Malt. And I said no. Turns out I had only had fruit juices, milk, carbonated drinks and other normal things to drink. He told me not to drink too much at once as I would be repulsed by the taste.

Well I took a small sip. My mouth was filled with a cold cold liquid. Oh so this is what it feels like. Nice. EWWWWW. Suddenly the taste hit me. BITTER! It was BITTER!. I was shocked. What the hell and it has another taste mixed with the bitter. So I asked my friend to check it out because I think it has gone bad. He checks it out to humour me. And then he said “FUCK! It HAS gone bad”. And we throw the can away. So now I will have alcohol after the month of Ramazan since the people who can get me the alcohol will not want to anger Allah during the month of Ramazan.

Dont ask. A general level of idioticity in Pakistan regarding Islam and being to obsessed with Islam.


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