Well I am chatting with a friend on MSN right now….

Well I am chatting with a friend on MSN right now. He has the very very special position of actually having a brain.

We were discussing the state of Pakistan trying to be Democratic and Islamic at the same time. Since they are either/ or situation we can be deemed neither. And this is so cute. He said “we cannot be islamic and democratic at the same time .. duhh !!”. And I am thinking. WOW. At least there are other people who think like me. THANK GOD!

So we did decide that we cannot be both Democratic and Islamic or for the matter either. We also decided that honour killings are actually sick and perverted and should not take place. I have no idea why the rest of Pakistan doesnt agree with this VERY VERY simple explanation.

I decided that I would rather poke red hot pokers into my brain, through the eyes, than go to offer namaz (prayer) (somewhat like sunday church) on fridays. And I have been dodging it for a LONG LONG time now. THANK ALLAH!


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