I seem to be in a VERY romantic mood tonight. I me…

I seem to be in a VERY romantic mood tonight. I mean I want to do something with someone. Like watching some tv. Or a movie. Drinking some nice cold lemonade. With the fan on full. With the whole sensation. The nice warm Karachi breeze coming in the window. I just dont know why but I had a VERY strong sudden urge for this.

I just want to lie in my bed with someone and watch one of those wonderful movies that fell you with a feeling of awe and adventure. One of those movies where you have to sit for a little while after it is over. Where you cannot just move because your whole mood has been changed by the movie.

Like “Legends of the Fall” or “Moulin Rouge”. A movie from another age. From another location. Of unbridled adventure and feelings. Something wonderful. With someone. I really want that right now.

Instead I am alone and blogging. I wonder what T is doing right now. I wonder where he is. What he is thinking.

So I think I will go and immerse myself in romantic delusions.


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