Why are SOME people so VERY stupid. Why do they en…

Why are SOME people so VERY stupid. Why do they end up mortifying themselves with horrible deeds.

I got into and argument today. With someone who turned out to have a full working brain. Since I am mentally retarded I tend to act strangely. In an argument I will not stop arguing until the other person tells me that I am right and he is wrong.

I told you I am strange!

But today I acted even more strangely that usual. What can be stranger than this? Well read on and ye shall see. EVEN more than usual? Yes.

I got into the argument because I thought the other guy was an idiot. But he turned out to have a brain. Since I was in an argument (Yes I know I am strange.)(YES I KNOW)(FOCUS ON THE DAMNED STORY) I could not back down until he declared I was right and he was wrong.

It turned out like this. He was saying something that I COMPLETELY believe in. Since I AM a buffoon I opposed it. I ended saying the most idiotic things EVER. Until it became painfully obvious to everyone that I WAS wrong and that he WAS right. I would rather jump into a chauldron of rat fat and ox testes than admit that I am wrong in an argument. I told you I am strange. So I just quietned down and the discussion went over to more interesting topics.

The result of this whole thing is.

WANT HIM! I WANT HIS SEED! I wanted to have him right there on the Persian carpet. But alas fate was against me.


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