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I agree that in my time I have conducted some STRA…

I agree that in my time I have conducted some STRANGE searches on google and yahoo. But the following just baffle me. And also the fact that they both led to my blog. Which is again. Shocking.

– “Pakistani parents search Boy for there Daughters”


Now I have NO idea what to say. :)

I just saw the video of the Group Fuzons new song …

I just saw the video of the Group Fuzons new song “Tere bina jiya naheen jaey” (I cant live without you). And well the guy is the video is so hot. I think I am going to have a small heart attack out of an overdose of sheer delight.

To all muslims worldwide who will observe the Roza…

To all muslims worldwide who will observe the Roza in the way of Allah.

Ramazan ka chaand mubarak ho.

Congratulations on the new moon of Ramazan.

Sighting the Ramazan Moon

The month of Ramazan is the ninth month of the Islamic calendar. It is considered as the most holy and sacred of months.

Every year. On the 29th and sometimes the 30th of the eighth month. Most muslim families in South Asia climb onto their roofs to look for the new moon. We did that as well. About half an hour before sunset. We wall went on top of the roof. And there we all looked towards the west. The dying glow of the setting sun. Where the new moon will be seen. And yes we saw it. It was a wonderful “pehli ka chaand” or the first days moon. The very light and delicate white curve in the sky.

My family prayed for a good ramazan. And thanked Allah for the beginning of the auspicious month. I was just thinking about the whole concept of religion. Why people believe what they believe? Why are they told to believe? Why do all religions champion the cause of the oppressed but cause oppression on their own.

Well tomorrow will be the first Roza (Fast) of Ramazan. All muslims well be supposed to stay without food, drink and well ;0 sex for the duration of daybreak till sunset. I will not keep the Roza. I have never missed any Roza in the last few years as I was very strict in observing the Roza. But not this year.

I love the concept of Sehri(Pre Sunrise Meal). Everyone getting up in the middle of the night. Cooking and eating. Actually feeding like hell since you wont have anything else to eat OR drink till sunset. And I love the specific things that we cook for Sehri that we dont have usually in normal times. Pheeni is one of these things that I love.

Same goes for Aftari(Post Sunset Meal). Everyone ravenously hungry from the Roza. Eating hurriedly but not too hurriedly because the elders kept telling you not to eat fast as it is bad for your health. And then there are all those specific Aftari collection of foods. Fruit Chaat, Dahi Bhallay, Jalaybee etc etc etc. Wow. I am already hungry ;)

All Islamic religious events are according the Isl…

All Islamic religious events are according the Islamic calendar. Which is a Lunar rather than a Solar calendar. So every month starts with the sighting of the new moon. Three witnesses have to see the new moon and be witness to the fact. Then it is declared that the moon has been seen and the new month will be from tomorrow.

Due to this the whole muslim world does not have the same even on the same day. At times the dates in the Islamic calendar differ from country to country or even from one town to another.

Every year the people of the North West Frontier Province of Pakistan goes ahead one day from the rest of the country. It was declared that the moon has been sighted yesterday and hence they are all observing the fast of Ramazan today. In the rest of the country that is not so. We will observe fast from tomorrow.

What the hell is this. I am not saying that either they are wrong or we are wrong. I am saying WHAT THE HELL!

A First

Ok I know that Alcohol is very strictly Haram or Forbidden in Islam. I also know that it is considered as one of the biggest social evils. But I had to try it once.

Today was chosen as the day when I do it. I was with a friend who had done it before. Since it is illegal to possess or drink alcohol he had to go to people and bring it back with secrecy.

Well we cooled it. It was some sort of a Lager from The Netherlands. Well I opened it up. There was a strange smell. I asked my friend is this normal. He said yes. He asked me if I had ever had Malt. And I said no. Turns out I had only had fruit juices, milk, carbonated drinks and other normal things to drink. He told me not to drink too much at once as I would be repulsed by the taste.

Well I took a small sip. My mouth was filled with a cold cold liquid. Oh so this is what it feels like. Nice. EWWWWW. Suddenly the taste hit me. BITTER! It was BITTER!. I was shocked. What the hell and it has another taste mixed with the bitter. So I asked my friend to check it out because I think it has gone bad. He checks it out to humour me. And then he said “FUCK! It HAS gone bad”. And we throw the can away. So now I will have alcohol after the month of Ramazan since the people who can get me the alcohol will not want to anger Allah during the month of Ramazan.

Dont ask. A general level of idioticity in Pakistan regarding Islam and being to obsessed with Islam.

This is more like stating the obvious. But. OH MY …

This is more like stating the obvious. But. OH MY GOD!

David Fumero!


How can someone ever be so so so sexy.

Well I am chatting with a friend on MSN right now….

Well I am chatting with a friend on MSN right now. He has the very very special position of actually having a brain.

We were discussing the state of Pakistan trying to be Democratic and Islamic at the same time. Since they are either/ or situation we can be deemed neither. And this is so cute. He said “we cannot be islamic and democratic at the same time .. duhh !!”. And I am thinking. WOW. At least there are other people who think like me. THANK GOD!

So we did decide that we cannot be both Democratic and Islamic or for the matter either. We also decided that honour killings are actually sick and perverted and should not take place. I have no idea why the rest of Pakistan doesnt agree with this VERY VERY simple explanation.

I decided that I would rather poke red hot pokers into my brain, through the eyes, than go to offer namaz (prayer) (somewhat like sunday church) on fridays. And I have been dodging it for a LONG LONG time now. THANK ALLAH!

I am sure people who might be unlunky enough to re…

I am sure people who might be unlunky enough to read my blog regularly would be very very irritated and angry at my posts and the strange content therein.

Honestly. I am as irritated and angry.

I have just realized one thing about myself. I lov…

I have just realized one thing about myself. I love to care about people. I want to care about people. I would love to sacrifice for people and do something for them and redeem myself.

But I dont.

I am scum. I dont care about people at all although I would love to. Which brings me to the completely two faced attitude towards life.

I am a bad guy who wants to be a good guy but can not because he is a bad guy.

I hate all this. Maybe I am going insane. Maybe I am already insane because no normal human would think the way I do.

FUCK! what if I am insane. What if I think I am normal but I am insane. What then ? Who will tell me ? And if they do tell me do they know what they are talking about?

After reading this post I think ill go find some drug and lose consciousness for 1-2 days so that I can calm down.