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05 Shawwal 1424 So you think that you have done…

05 Shawwal 1424

So you think that you have done something nice. But actually you havent. HAH! That my dear friend is life. Well today I accidentally told Mr A that Mr B had told me this. I didnt say it actually but I said it by mistake. I was told later on by Mr C about what I said. A sudden light bulb appeared and I said OHHHH! So next time I will think before I speak. It will be hard and I wont be able to do it. But I will try. WORK! BRAIN CELLS WORK!

I think during the life of every man there comes a time when he says. Oh no! I am turning into my father. I had that thought about 5 years ago. Then comes a time when he says. Yes! I am turning into my father. I had that about 2 days ago. Hence my posting about my father. It was when I walked into a room. In the farther corner there was a painting that was slightly tilted and I saw it immediately. I also fixed it afterwards.

Yes ladies and gentlemen shower me with praise. I am turning into my father.

Why oh why would the search “karachi’s best chat site”on Google return my page I will never understand.

My blog has been turning very philosophical(some may read that as boring) of late. And that is because I have been thinking a lot. Seeing the society and reading about history(some may read that as boring) are the most fertile ground for thought(and no I am not some lame loser).

Todays rant about Pakistanis would be that the culture of Book Reading and Education has all but DIED. It is very very uncommon for me to be in the company of people who seem to be educated and who have knowledge due to their reading and gatherings. Something that is a MUST for cultured men and women all over the human world. The whole scenario of people who read and learn from that and are able to show it throught the way they talk and behave has all but disappeared. What is left is people who had degrees but no knowledge. This thing has destroyed the fabric of society. Every man has to be a generalist as well as a specialist. It is imerative for society.

04 Shawwal 1424 I went to meet some relatives t…

04 Shawwal 1424

I went to meet some relatives today. Now it is custom to put tid bits of interesting food infront of guests. Which they did. And the guests DO munch on few. Which we did. Then the guests desist no matter what. Which we all did except me. It is also customary for the host to keep offering to the guests. Which did but not to me. So all in all. Everyone was staring at me because I was eating too much. I LOVED it. It was wonderful. They were extremely tasty and I kept teasing my sisters because they didnt get to eat a lot of it. YEY!!!

What do you do when you are sitting in company and you realize that “the” GODAWFUL stench is coming from you? Since I am not that well versed in the ways of the world I cannot tell you. But I presume what a certain someone (definitely NOT me) did was that he sneaked into the bedroom of someone in the house. Then he prinkled himself with some of the perfume. When that someone tried to come into the room he ran out. And then he realized that “the” EXTREMELY strong and feminine smell is coming from him. Keep guessing coz I wont tell you who it was.

Something about my father. My father is a wonderful and amazing man. His knowledge. His ideas. His sheer grasp of issues and things is amazing. He is a policeman but has never taken one rupee through illegal or wrongful means. Something very uncommon for Pakistan. And he has taught the same. He is a marvel of a man and very honest. His integrity, honesty and truthfullness are a beacon for me. He has never had problems in any of his relations. It is shocking to see that he knows how to work with people without getting into any trouble with them. I would do well to learn from him. This little section came up becuase we had a long discussion with him today.

Today I was reading a book on Urdu and History of Urdu Literature. It is “Urdu Adab Ki Mukhtasir Tareen Tareekh”(Shortest history of Urdu literature) by Dr Saleem Akhter. It was an interesting book. I read the first chapter only. But I realized one thing. What is the book about? If it is about Urdu Literature then it should be written in proper Urdu, that is Urdu that normal people like me(I am very good at Urdu) can read. The author has tried too much to use a horrible and terrible from of Urdu. The actual reason for writing the book seems to be to show everyone of the readers that Dr Sahib (Dr Saleem Akhter over here) can write wonderful Urdu. Unfortunately it is not any form of Urdu prose. Which is a pity because then the whole concept of the book is lost. Althought you do learn from it. But you have to read One pargraph for one line worthy reading. And seventeen sentences of useless Urdu arabesques.

Today I will not add the usual final paragraph where I berate my people for not being good enough. Today I will say that I am a Karachiite and a Pakistani. Given a thousand chances I will not prefer to have any other people as my people. I am proud of being what I am and I am proud to say that.

Pakistan Zindabad!

03 Shawwal 1424 3rd day of Eid. The same thing …

03 Shawwal 1424

3rd day of Eid. The same thing all over again today as well.

I was chatting with a friend last night and I learnt about the whole Gay Party thing in Karachi. Apparently one of the older and more settled members of Karachis gay community throw a party ever so often. That is time where gay people meet each other. I have heard that upto 400 people have been to these things. Wow! How desperate can you be. I REALLY wanna go to one. I know I know I am desperate. So what.

Strange search for the day

Google … Monkey in Karachi … How dare you google ? How dare you sir!

Another thing that I learnt. I am HORRIBLE on online chatting things. AIM or MSN or MIRC. I am horrible. So if you have talked to me. I AM SORRY FOR PUTTING YOU THROUGH THIS. Loolz. Also I ask TOO many questions. So if you have chatted with me. It is not you … it is me!

And WOW! does Ammi(Mom) make some TASTY! Koftay and Shami Kabab. Needless to say. I ate like a hog today.

02 Shawwal 1424 Today was the second day of eid…

02 Shawwal 1424

Today was the second day of eid. For me very much the same. Relatives coming over and us going over for dinner. Most people find eid boring. I find it tiring. Well. It is tiring.

Yesterday there was a lot of post about. Today well. There isnt. Really. I mean if I post it will be because I have to not because I want to. Of I can just ramble on like I am doing now. With no rhyme or reason. Like I am doing right now. Well I know that I am just typing crap. You would think that I would stop. But think again. I didnt. WOO HOO !!! I am a loony.

In other news I played SO MUCH SimCity3000Unlimited that the only thing that I can see on the screen is my city building up. I kid you not. TRUST ME !

I hope I will have something to blog about tomorrow. So I will see you all then. Now its time to read your blogs. Bye.

Two interesting searches for the day.

Google … driving direction in karachi,pakistan —> Wow and I am just new at that. Thanks you Google!

Google … looking for karachi beautiful queens for sex —> I hate Google!

01 Shawwal 1424 Today was Eid in Pakistan. YEY!…

01 Shawwal 1424

Today was Eid in Pakistan. YEY!

Well all I did today was drive around the city and meet up with all of my relatives. You people have no idea how exhausting yet interesting that it. We drove about 127 kms in one day. People started coming over from 1000 in the morning. And the last guest left at about 2330. I must have met about 150 people today. Eid! Eid! Eid!

We followed the family tradition of a Pulao and Shami Kabab Lunch at the oldest relative on my mothers side family. We followed the family tradition of evening tea at out house for the people from my fathers side of the family. Lets just say that Eid is a day that is very hectic but very interesting as well.

I didnt go for Eid prayers thought. And everyone I know asked me if I went. And I had to run away every time with some sort of a strange excuse. Now I think my whole family thinks of me as the strange strange guy who is Mr XYZs(Grandfather’s name here) grandson. But then again I talked a lot and exchanged my views with many many people. So they also know that I am an intelligent and knowledgeable strange guy. If I go on like this I will have too many adjectives added to my name.

Well here I am after Eid day. Blogging as ever. The love of my life. Oh wait! That is someone else. Well whatever. I hope you all enjoy yourselves. And I have to run.

E I D M U B A R A K !!!

29 Ramazan 1424 Someone today told me that I am…

29 Ramazan 1424

Someone today told me that I am a sick perverted freak. I reaplied. I am neither sick. Not perverted. But I am a freak. He started laughing. And kept laughing until I was angry at myself being so funny. GOD I am wierd.

Like every Eid this year as well there is a complete controversy about whether the moon for the month of Shawwal has been sighted or not. Well it is a very clearcut and easy thing. Either you see the moon. Or you dont. Now if that is so hard. Either the science of astronomy tells is that i was seen or it was not. The whole issues arisin out of this thing are plain stupid idiotic moronities that need to done away with.

Today is the night that the new moon was actually sighted. It was a thin thin line in the western sky. The month of Ramazan has ended. Tomorrow muslims will celebrate the Eid. Tonight or the night before eid is called Chaand Raat (Moon Night). Tonight is basically the night when we all finish our shopping. I know I know … why keep it till the last moment. Honestly. I have no idea why. You think people would prepare before hand but they dont. Actually I am like that too so I should keep quiet.

Today I went with my sisters for the traditional Chaand Raat stuff. We went to a nearby market that was filled to the brim like never before. We went to a stall and my sisters got their hands painted with Mehndi (Henna). Then we all went and all the girls brought Choorian (Glass Bangles). Oh and yes belated word of advice. ALWAYS but the Choorian before the Mehndi since after the Mehndi you cannot try the Choorian on. God my sisters are idiots. Well fortunately they got the right sizes.

Had some excellent chicken soup today. And when I say excellent. I mean excellent. Of course I ate it so ravenously that I burned the top of my mouth. And I cant touch my tongue to the top any more. Because it hurts TOO much.

Today was the first day in quite some time when I did not listen to any music. GOD WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME !!!

28 Ramazan 1424 I went to my cousins house for …

28 Ramazan 1424

I went to my cousins house for Aftari and Dinner. It was nice seeing them after such a long time. Their son is very young and very very cute and loveable. I love playing with him. With all his silly young questions like why dont we call green blur and will you please get my baloon for me. COOCHIE COOCHIE COO!!! And finally I had a normal conversation with humans. It was the first time in some time that I was sitting in company with the average IQ more than 23.4 and the educational qualifications surpassing the 5th grade. Thank you Allah Mian.

I probably havent told you people about my love for satellite imaging yet. I always loved maps and other things that showed me what the world was like. After I saw satellite images I went mad for them and here I am today telling you about then. Today I downloaded a couple of satellite images of Karachi. With much more detail than I currently have. Although Pakistani images are few and far between but I keep an eye out. If any of you find a good one do tell me.

I was reading about the Urdu Daastan today. It is a form of literature. It is basically a long long story. Sometimes TOO long. But it is long and full of many or one plots. The characters are many in numbers and the story had many supernatural things in it. But the Daastan is a wonderful and interesting art form. Keeping in mind the times when it originated and how it developed. I think Pakistanis should try to rediscover this art that is so beautiful but hidden from our view due to newer art forms.

An interesting thing that many people from outside Karachi dont know. Many houses in Karachi have names. Yep they do. For example. Qasr-e-XYZ. XYZ being the name of the owner that is. Not that it is actually XYZ since that isnt even in Urdu. But I digress. And then there are the Kashana-e-XYZ. Same thing about XYZ. And then there is the XYZ Manzil. For the IQ deficient, same thing about XYZ. But it is nice to see that and I think the naming the house idea really gives Karachi a beautiful flavour.

I have been driving a lot through Karachi over the last three days. I have sortof noticed one thing. That there is a specific architecture for every decade of the citys history. Moving through different areas I could see the 50s and 60s and 70s and 80s and 90s. Every area of the city was built in a very short time and it can be seen clearly. The 50s have the strong presence of circular rooms. The 70s are about squares and line. The 90s are about GHASTLY Greek(sic) columns. But thank GOD that period is over and the people in city are into the 00s. I think the new thing is a slightly return to classical indian/islamic/mughal architecture. At least aesthetically. But whatever. I really like noticing time changes and the fact that I can notice the time of construction from the architecture. YEY!

I have notices one thing. People who keep beards are EVIL. Althought it is generally understood that they are better muslims and closer to Allah. I am sure people will be shocked and angry by reading this and say that I am a bad person for saying something like but. But, they are strange and bad people. People who keep a beard are the worst when it comes to civil society and civic sense. They are ones to push the first in the line. They are the ones that are the worst drivers. Or maybe I just have people who are at all right wingers. And I need to moderate myself a little bit. You decide. NO NO. Dont. Lemme decide.

My rant regarding Karachi and Karachiites today is. FOOT BRIDGE !!! USE IT !!!

I had a long chat with a female friend from colleg…

I had a long chat with a female friend from college. Was nice talking to her after such a long time. We used to enjoy chatting a lot when we were in college. She had a sense of humour. And well I do seem so have the rudiments of one as well. Most of you can possibly testify to that IF the matter went to court. Which I assure you it will not.

Today I had the same strange feelign at the time of Sunset and late evening. The dull and drab light. The birds in their multitude chirping in the trees where they had come to settle just next to our house. Then when the feeling is at its strongest. Comes the Azan of Maghrib. It is like the beckonign call. I causes the feeling to multiply and grow my leaps and bounds. The feeling of everything slowing down and everything becoming low and calm. The feeling of a sudden death. It is like the life of the day has just ended. Everything slows down and then picks up. It is a strange strange feeling that I dont know if other people feel as well.

I have an interest in architecture and beautiful buildings. I have a particular interest in the “Tomb of Itimad-ud-Daulah in Dehli”. It is one of the most beautiful buildings from the Mughal school of architecture. It has the most wonderful proportions and shape. The designs and the colours used are excellent. It is to me as beautiful as the Taj Mahal. It is a building that I would feel priviledged to see in my life in person.

I had the chance to listen to some of Pink Floyds songs that I had downloaded yesterday. Wonderful music. Wonderful Music! It is the food of my soul. The complete phenomenon that is Pink Floyd will not cease to amaze me. I specially like listening to Pink Floyd at around 0200 or 0300 when it is all calm and quiet and I am working on something late and I am slightly sleepy.

I spent all day thinking about the incident in the mall where I was humiliated. And to be honest. I am still in shock.

I talked about a lack of interesting searches only a few days ago on the 21st of November. And just today there were about 3 strange searches again.

– Yahoo search … province of s.e pakistan whose capital is karachi —–> answer is Sindh

– Google search … aunties looking for men in karachi —–> Desperation !!!

– Yahoo search … picture of ghazals singer mehdi hasan —–> Flattered to be even linked with a name that I hold in such high regard.

It is about 0246 at night but I am changing the ti…

It is about 0246 at night but I am changing the time to set it as yesterdays post as all this happened yesterday.

I finally managed to drag myself to the barbers shop and get a haircut AND get shaved as well. It made me feel like a new man. Cleaned up and looking nice and tidy. Now that makes Jalal very very happy. Finally. So all of you who asked for my pics should ask for them now, before I become hideously ugly again.

I saw a half hour short play based on Munshi Prem Chand’s Afsana(short story) ‘Kafan’ on GeoTV channel. It was wonderful. It is one of those rare instances where you can that some form of justice has been done to the writer of the Afsana. The story of the play itself is so strong but acting and the music and the direction also added to the beauty of the experience.

Then came the HIGHEST point of the day or maybe even the year. It is only three / four days from Eid-ul-Fitr the Granddaddy of all Islamic Festivals. So shopping is at a fever pitch. Today me and my friends went to get some clothing for Eid. We went to this huge mens shopping super mall thing in Karachi. Well I dont need to tell you but, eye candy galore.

Basically any part of a man that anyone can ever image was there. And it was there in the most perfect and pristine form that there can be. Not on one person! DUH! On a bevy on men that thronged the men there. And well I had a lot of fun. Suffice to say that while my friends shopped I became a complete slut and stared at men shamelessly.

Another thing is that in Pakistan we have Hijras (Eunuchs). They are a traditional and old version of what you call drag queens. But Hijras are diffferent from Drag Queens. While shopping at the aforementioned mall I saw two drag queens. YES! Drag queens and I was like … WHOA COOL. Something new in Pakistan.

Then the last shop we went to was the lowest point of the day or maybe even the year. Basically I am slightly feminine. I cant help it, I am OK with it but I hate it when other people point it out to make fun of me on my face. So basically here is a picture. There was a circle of about 12 people. I was in the circle. And there was a man in the middle of the circle and acting like a Hijra or extremely effeminate men. It was said openly and it was also understood that I was the one being made fun of. I have never been more humiliated in my whole life. Never. It was one of the most horrible things that ever happened to me. And basically right now I just dont know what to think and how to cope with this.

And for todays daily rant about Karachi and Karachiites. Well. If someone is different from you. LEAVE THEM THE FUCK ALONE! You have NO right to force your beliefs on others. You have NO right to make them confirm to the beliefs of the majority. Live and let live.

I am very saddened to see that all those INTERESTI…

I am very saddened to see that all those INTERESTING searches leading to my blog have all but ended. Which makes me think that either there has a sudden demise of human imaginaton or a sudden dullness in this blog. I would opt for the former as it is easier to accept and does not reflect badly upon me.

Today was Jumma-al-Wida. Or the last friday of the month of Ramazan. Every friday during the Zohr(Noon) prayers there is a sermon. The sermon of Jumma-al-Wida has a big significance. Since nearly ALL muslim men go for the friday prayers they attend the sermon as well. I have stopped doing that. So I didnt go. Now I feel like I am being too much of a rebel.

Tomorrow I shall fast from sunrise till sunset in the proper fashion prescribed by Islam. Yes I have keep a Roza. And I will keep all the remaining fasts of the month of Ramazan.

I had a VERY strange dream. I saw that I was shirtless and waiting for the bus in a MAJOR shopping area. It was HORRIBLE. I felt so so so very ashamed that I woke us sweating. Yes I woke up sweating. Does this mean that I am not a slut after all and have a modicum of modesty … NAHHHH !!! God why did I let even an idea so absurd enter my mind.

And also some good news. I won a badminton match today. I was SO excited. It was wonderful. So I am not a COMPLETE sissy after all. Maybe like 0.98 sissy or 0.95 sissy but not 1.00 +- 0.01 sissy. YEY !!!

Today we were stopping at a red light late at night and the streets were empty. Another car stopped besides us. Then came two motorcycles. They literarry harassed the driver of the other car to move on. When … when will people mature enough to 1- NOT break the traffic light. 2- If someone else isnt then just shut your pie hole. People need to learn this I cannot imagine how we can call ourselves civilized otherwise.