I had an INTERESTING experience yesterday. The …

I had an INTERESTING experience yesterday.

The necessary information needed by some to understand the following post.

Roza – Day long fast from daybreak till sunset.

Aftari – The meal that you eat at sunset after the day long roza.

Azan-e-Maghrib – The call to prayer signalling the sunset.

I had the chance to travel on Karachi’s roads 15 minutes befor ‘aftari’ till 15 minutes after. Since nearly everyone in the city had a ‘roza’ they all have to make it to their houses or wherever till ‘aftari’. Because it was slightly warm today I guess people would be HORRIBLY thirst due to the day long ‘roza’.

Before the timing of the ‘aftari’ the traffic was WILD. The traffic was violently fast and horribly inconsiderate. Keeping in view that the ‘roza’ is supposed to teach patience. Strangely there was none of it. It is so unfortunate that people are ready to go thirst in godawful conditions but are not ready to think properly for one minute.

At the time of the ‘aftar’ as the sound of the ‘azan-e-maghrib’ started to come the traffic calmed down. Almost magically. By now the trafffic was getting VERY VERY thin. The crowded main roads of Karachi were very empty. After the aftari we had to travel a bit more. About 10 minutes after ‘aftari’ Karachi presented a VERY emptyish look. The roads were empty with very little traffic.

It was strange. I have never seen Karachi so empty in the day. Made me feel as if I am in a different city altogether.


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