It has been long since I last saw you all. Too lon…

It has been long since I last saw you all. Too long! Well since my life is not as horribly boring as it was until two days ago. I have actually done some interesting things in this time. I actually seem to have evolved a bit during this period. I am now 0.63 human.

First of all I went to watch a match of night cricket. It was a nice match. Lots of men. About 30-40 of them. All in the 20-26 range that I like so much. Lets just say eye candy galore. I thoroughly enjoyed the night.

I might add that my interest in most things that normal humans then to call sports is superficial. The interest is usually more in sportsmen than in sports. Hence my trip to the night cricket match.

But this time I also enjoyed the cricket. Although it was a tape-ball match but it was well played. A few of the matches turned out to be real close. And along with my eyes I also amused my super testosterone charged I-am-DA-TOUGH-man syndrome when my team won the final. Followed by an unusually vociferous and loud display of masculine bravado.


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